The Netherlands still trailing behind on EU renewable energy targets


The Netherlands is trailing the rest of Europe when it comes to reaching sustainable energy targets, according to new figures from the European statistics agency Eurostat. In 2017, just 6.6% of the energy used in the Netherlands came from sustainable sources, but the target is 14% by 2020, Eurostat says.

Luxembourg, where 6.4% of energy consumption derived from biofuels, hydro or wind power, solar or geothermal energy in 2017, has a 2020 target of 11%. The Eurostat statistics show 11 EU countries had already reached their targets two years ago.

In Sweden, for example, more than half the energy is sustainable. The EU as a whole aims to make sure 20% of gross final energy consumption comes from renewable sources by 2020. Carbon dioxide The Netherlands is not only struggling to meet green energy targets.

The Dutch environmental assessment agency said last month that the Netherlands will not meet its target of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 25% by 2020, when compared with 1990. Instead, the reduction is likely to be no more than 21% the agency said.

Source: Dutch News