The solar stocks looking to shine bright in 2021

With the solar industry continuing to rise in popularity, Maxim Manturov, Head of Investment Research at Freedom Finance Europe, advises on the top stocks to watch this year.

The last decade has witnessed a monumental shift towards solar power and renewable energy, as the global economy moves away from fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas to help reduce carbon emissions. The popularity of such stocks therefore comes as no surprise as investors increasingly look towards companies that are making a positive socio-economic impact, and will only continue to grow as younger, more conscientious investors enter the stock market and look to change the world one investment at a time.

Alongside this, seeing as it will take a significant amount of time and money to complete this transition to an eco-friendlier world, solar energy is clearly a compelling investment for those looking to benefit in the long term. For traders looking to combine investment with social responsibility, and make a real difference while gaining a profit, solar stocks and impact investing are the clear way to go.

What are the best value solar stocks to watch in 2021? And who should you look out for? Continue reading “The solar stocks looking to shine bright in 2021”

Six Solar Energy Trends to Watch in the 2020s

For the last five years “repowering” solar sites has been expected to be the next big thing in large-scale projects, or the revamp and replacement of older parts.

Market researcher Wood Mackenzie says this should actually begin to take off in this decade as the global solar base ages.

“The repowering of solar systems allows for production of more electricity while using existing land, interconnection points and other infrastructure, leading to a lower levelised cost of electricity (LCOE),” analyst Lindsay Cherry said. Continue reading “Six Solar Energy Trends to Watch in the 2020s”