Andalusia committed to triple its renewable capacity in the region

Galán has conveyed his commitment to Andalusia to Juan Manuel Moreno: it will triple its renewable capacity in the region


The statements were made during a meeting at COP26 with the President of the Andalusian Regional Government.  Commitment to the energy transition and a cleaner community. This is the message conveyed by the chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, to Juan Manuel Moreno, president of the Regional Government of Andalusia, at their meeting this morning during COP26.

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Promoting renewable energy use – European Council adopts its position

On 18 December 2017, the Council adopted its position on a directive promoting the use of renewable energy across the EU. This agreement paves the way for the Council to start negotiations with the European Parliament as soon as its negotiating mandate is agreed.

The EU is committed to reach a target of at least 27% renewable energy of its overall energy consumption by 2030. This directive, in line with the guidelines of the European Council from October 2014, confirms this binding target and puts in place the appropriate framework and tools to achieve that goal.

The new legislation addresses bioenergy, sustainability, transport, electricity, heating and cooling, and in particular, focuses on empowering consumers. Facilitating and enhancing consumers’ use of renewables is a key element in the Council’s position.

“This decision has a direct and positive impact on all Europeans. Using more renewable energy will help our cities, industries and houses become cleaner, healthier and more sustainable. The directive will also make it easier for consumers to take the initiative and become producers themselves. Through a combination of action by governments, companies and consumers, we will be able to maintain our leadership in renewables.” says Kadri Simson, Minister for Economic Affairs and Infrastructure of the Republic of Estonia. Continue reading “Promoting renewable energy use – European Council adopts its position”