Brazil Forecasts Blockbuster Year for Global Investment Attraction, Trade in 2022

Closing Out a Successful and Impactful 2021, Brazil Looks Forward to Increasing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) This Year Across Real Estate, Infrastructure, Stone and Startup Sectors, Among Others.

BRASILIA, Brazil, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On the heels of Brazil’s strong investment performance in 2021, Apex-Brasil has projected an even more significant increase in 2022 due to the country’s robust foreign investment attraction and trade promotion efforts. In the coming year, foreign investors will have the opportunity to bid in 139 Brazilian auctions – a 144% increase from the 57 public auctions held in 2021 – in sectors such as transportation, mining, energy and more. According to the projections of the federal government and Apex-Brasil, Brazil’s 2022 portfolio of auctions and concessions will be the largest from any one country in the world, generating an estimated USD $74.4 billion. Continue reading “Brazil Forecasts Blockbuster Year for Global Investment Attraction, Trade in 2022”

People, planet and profits: Impact investing exceeds $500bn

[ Image: Eddie Seal/Bloomberg]
Annual survey shows investors ‘increasingly see alignment between business objectives and transformative impact’.

In a world where the dual scourges of immense poverty and global warming often overwhelm even the most optimistic people, investors of a new breed are stepping into the breach and staking hundreds of billions of dollars on solving the massive problems facing humankind.

But this path to positive impacts isn’t just about doing good. It’s also about making money.

“Global challenges like entrenched inequality and climate change require large-scale, urgent action,” Amit Bouri, CEO of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), told Al Jazeera. “And impact investors are stepping up to help fuel positive progress.” Continue reading “People, planet and profits: Impact investing exceeds $500bn”