Record renewable energy production promises a greener future for UK

A sustainable green future looks closer as record renewable energy production in UK shows rapid progress is possible.

During the third quarter of 2019 renewable energy in UK provided more electricity to homes and business than fossil fuels.

Advances in technology and price reductions in the renewable energy industry have made such progress possible. Now governments across the world need to do more to help green energy replace fossil fuels entirely.

During Q3 renewables accounted for 40% of the UK energy mix and the National Grid expects green energy to overtake fossil fuel power generation.

Moreover, the UK is far from leading the way regarding widespread adoption of green energy. This suggests that progress around the world could easily speed up if provided with governmental assistance. Continue reading “Record renewable energy production promises a greener future for UK”

Renewable energy growth in USA to continue in 2019, says Deloitte

According to Deloitte, the fundamental drivers of renewable energy growth last year are likely to continue this year in the US.

Deloitte’s report – ‘2019 renewable energy industry outlook’ – informed that 2018 was a resilient year in the US. It gained ground in spite of uncertainty regarding the federal tax reform legislation’s effects. A series of new import tariffs added to the uncertainty.

Utility-scale output from solar and wind energy represented 8% of America’s electricity mix through Q3 of 2018. This was one percentage point up on Q3 2017.
Renewable energy growth – three trends…

The authors of the report see three trends coming into clearer focus.

These three trends, which will probably shape renewable energy growth this year, include:

-Policies that help boost renewable energy growth.
-Growing interest from investors in the sector.
-Technological advances that boost solar and wind energy’s value to the grid, customers, and asset owners.

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