New US Legislation will Extend Tax Credits for Bioenergy Investments

New legislation was introduced on 13 August to extend tax credits for investments in qualified renewable energy production.

The bill, named the Renewable Electricity Tax Credit Equalisation Act, was introduced by US Representatives Elise Stefanik and Scott Peters and covers investments in renewable energy production including closed-loop biomass, open-loop biomass, municipal solid waste, geothermal, qualified hydropower and marine and hydrokinetic. Continue reading “New US Legislation will Extend Tax Credits for Bioenergy Investments”

How Atlanta plans to get to 100% green energy by 2035

Image: Reuters

Like any other city, Atlanta is woven with power lines, trams and buses. The electricity that makes Atlanta run comes mostly from coal, natural gas and nuclear energy. Only 6% to 8% comes from renewable sources.

“Obviously, going from that number to 100% by 2035 is a bold goal,” said Amol Naik, Atlanta’s chief resilience officer.

He says the green energy plan, approved by the Atlanta City Council in March – which aims to get to 100% green in 16 years – is “ambitious and achievable”. But, he admits, there’s no easy path to get there.

“There’s no five-run home run or four-point shot in basketball. This is something that needs to happen in an incremental way over a number of years,” Mr Naik said. “It’s a lot of folks sitting around a table figuring out the best way forward.” Continue reading “How Atlanta plans to get to 100% green energy by 2035”

America’s renewable energy set to surpass coal for the first month ever

The renewable energy sector is projected to generate more electricity than coal during the month of April, according to a recent report published by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. That’s never happened before.

Coal, long the king of the power sector, has already been dethroned by natural gas, a much cleaner burning fossil fuel. Now, coal is facing intensifying pressure from wind and solar power.
“Five years ago this never would have been close to happening,” Dennis Wamstead, research analyst at IEEFA, said in an interview. “The transition that’s going on in the electric sector in the United States has been phenomenal.”
Even a decade ago, America’s renewable energy had little presence other than hydro power. But a wave of investment — first into wind, and then solar — has made these new technologies far cheaper.

Continue reading “America’s renewable energy set to surpass coal for the first month ever”

How countries in the Americas are embracing renewable energy

Countries in North and South America are implementing various mechanisms such as auctions and net-metering to deliver better value proposition for the renewable sources, says GlobalData.

The company’s latest report – ‘North and South America Renewable Energy Policy Report 2019’ – reveals the regulatory framework and policies of the American countries to achieve a strong growth in the renewable energy market and abide by the international emission norms.

GlobalData’s report finds that American countries are taking up several strategies and roadmaps to achieve the target designated by their government. Aiming to comply with the emission targets, the government of each country as well as each state in some countries is highly promoting renewable energy sources. Continue reading “How countries in the Americas are embracing renewable energy”