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International Trade – Evolving in an era of worldwide integration

In an era of worldwide integration, the world is becoming a smaller place. A business decision in New York can create thousands of jobs in Asia, which will develop services and products consumed in the West. A business decision made in China can spell the loss of manufacture jobs in the North-East of England. International trade flows are fast-paced and are ever-evolving. At Hedgerow Group, we present an analytical approach to a global business, that puts sustainability at the heart of our agenda, offering a gateway to international trade flows which responsibly deliver efficient results.

Over recent decades, much has changed in the way we trade. There has been a steady increase in cross-border trading flows worldwide, with foreign direct investment being a major driving force behind the world's most established and developing economies. Financial and trade institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank are integrated into just about every national economy. Private businesses and individuals have expanded their activities geographically. Technological advances and financial innovation have played a key role in the globalisation of economic trade flows, which has been witnessed over recent decades.


At Hedgerow Group, we are continually adapting and applying our analysis within an ever-evolving international arena. We ensure that we are on the pulse within a rapidly moving, fast-paced and often unpredictable environment. We aim to understand the why's, when's and how's, along with the implications that varying factors can have upon our international economy, at local, regional and international levels.

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Through a range of research and analytical approaches, we have developed a sophisticated understanding of how international markets function.

We combine historical case study analysis with various market force theories to help us make sense of how different market sectors work...

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Hedgerow Group have developed an intrinsic understanding of the industries for where our clients operate within.

As a result, we understand the professional requirements that are necessary assets for people to hold in order to excel within certain industries...