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Canada is one of the world's most extensive wood producers, including wood, pulp, timber, lumber and other timberland products. The timberland industry has attractive investment opportunities in mills, timberland operations, the manufacturing of high-quality timberland products and value-added wood products, along with biofuels.

Almost 60 per cent of British Columbia's land base is productive timberland, providing rich, diverse and abundant wood fibre.

British Columbia has 55 million hectares of productive timberland which provide diverse and abundant wood fibre. These timberland areas contain roughly 11 billion cubic metres of timber, offering excellent opportunities for investment. .

The Canadian real estate sector is also attractive for investors. Investors, developers and property owners are cautiously optimistic about the Canadian real estate market's outlook for the year ahead. Whilst the rest of Canada faces challenges unique to individual regions, Toronto and Vancouver's markets continue to experience high demand due to a lack of supply. This has driven up prices and caused affordability concerns. The main message is that every regional market offers opportunities for savvy developers and investors.

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